Brazilian VeeDub: 1984 Ventura Coupe

The Ventura was a fiberglass rebody of a Volkswagen from Brazil — similar in concept, spirit, and styling to the awesome Puma.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen another for sale, but this one is offered from an estate/garage sale.  Find this 1984 Ventura Coupe offered for an undisclosed amount of cash, located in Western Massachusetts via craigslist.  Tip from Anthony.

The occasional Puma appears on a craigslist in the USA, but this is the first Ventura that I’ve seen and info on these things is limited with the best info coming from a site that was last updated in 2007.  Apparently the Puma used a Beetle style engine with cooling fan, but the Ventura used a pancake setup like a Type 3 under an access panel in the hatchback area.