Brazilian Type 3: 1969 Volkswagen 1600L

If this next car looks simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, you are not alone. This car is a result of some international disputes that made Brazil ban (or make them really expensive) the importing of foreign cars for a number of years. The folks at Volkswagen got around the furrin car hate by building a factory (or two) in Brasil and eventually letting the locals design and develop their own cars. Nossa Senhora! This car is a Volkswagon of Brasil built type 3 that was designed by Marcio Piancastelli and it was given the nickname of Zé do Caixão (“Coffin Joe”) because of its boxy shape. This 1969 Volkswagen 1600L failed to meet reserve at a bid of $9800 (but will probably be back up for sale soon) located in Daytona Beach, FL.

From the seller:

Rare find! 1969 VW 1600 L ( Very Similar to a VW Notchback )

I am looking to sell my 1969 VW 1600 L. Very Rare, Made in Brazil, 60’s VW Sedan.

Quite certain this is the only one with this specific configuration available in the current US Market.

This 1969 VW 1600 L comes with a Factory 1600cc Single Carb Air Cooled Engine with RWD 4 speed

Lowered Suspension on a 15″ Germany Style Wheels

It is not a museum ready show car. There are some imperfections.

Also, front and back bumpers need a chrome plating repair ( see the pictures )

Sold As Is.

This is the VIN # for my VW 1600L:

VIN# B9011251

The roof rack and the Yellow Luggage Bags set are not included in this auction.

The other cars, on the background, are not include in this auction.

See a better way to drive something from Brasil?