Boxed Up Day: 1983 Fiberfab Aztec

This final car of DT’s Boxing Day special comes as a tip from Hugh. It is as cheap a Fiberfab as you’ll get, but don’t expect to drive it home. Find this 1983 Fiberfab Aztec bidding for $1275 in Hawthorne, NJ with a day to go via eBay.

From the seller:

I purchased this 1983 Fiberfab Aztec kit car just as a publicity item.(E-Bay will not allow me to enter a year newer than 1980 because the serial number does not conform; this vehicle is titled as a 1983 and the serial number listed in the auction is correct) I figured that if I had it all lettered up with my company logo and put it in front of my facility that no one could drive by without looking. I was right and it did drum up a lot of business. Every person that walked through the door either had something to say about it or would question you to death. The car is very exotic looking and has those gullwing doors just like the DeLorean. I think this car maybe even quicker than a DeLorean. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a fast car; but the DeLorean was also dead slow.

In any event, I bought this thig back on 5/24/12 and really only drove it a few times since then. I honestly can’t remember the last time it was started, so I am certain the battery is shot. Pretty sure the tires also should be replaced regardless of how much tread is left. Not for nothing but the first thing the winning bidder should do is to take it to a competent mechanic and have him go through the entire car and replace the belts and hoses, inspect the brakes, change the tires, etc….

Do not purchase this car with the intention of driving it home. That would not be safe. That all said, you would really be hard pressed to find a simpler automobile. Under this exotic skin is a 1983 VW bug. By any measure what has to be the world’s simplest MV. This car is just slightly more complex than my push lawn mower.

Again, this car has not been driven in years. I have not even tried to start it in at least 3 years. Probably closer to 5. And the first several pictures on this auction were taken 7/6/2016. So since that date the vinyl lettering has faded and curled up a little and the paint has been baked by the sun. Pretty sure the vinyl will peel off quite simply and the single stage paint should buff out like new. The body is fiberglass so is not going to be any rust on the body. Now I did take a bunch of pictures of the car about a month ago but I can’t find them anywhere on my computer. I am planning on driving up there either Monday or Tuesday and will take new pics at that time. I will also bring along a new battery and some fresh gas and see if she will start. I will post the pics and update the description no later than Tuesday evening.

As far as the auction goes, this is an absolute auction. That means no reserve price. The high bidder at the end of the auction is the winner regardless of price. Remember this when placing your bid. Be sure that you have the funds available, all questions and concerns answered thoroughly, and all permissions you may need from your mom, wife, or SO prior to bidding. A $500 deposit is required within 48 hours of auction end and payment in full within 7 days.

Car is available for inspection prior to bidding anytime before auction ends. It is located at 280 Clove Rd. Montague NJ 07827.

Buyer is responsible for all pick up or shipping arrangements. I do have a friend that will deliver the car within 30 miles of 07827 for a flat fee of $300. Other than that, I will assist your shipper in loading of the vehicle in any way I can but all other aspects of transport are 100% the responsibility of the buyer.

This is a very cool looking car and I am sure will make someone very happy with their new toy.

Good Luck, Merry Christmas and Happy Bidding.

See a better way to get your fiberfab itch scratched?