Bouncy Wagon: 1969 Citroën ID19 Break

The Citroën ID19 was a cheaper and lower powered version of the Citroen DS (pronounced Déesse as the French word for goddess) sold from 1957-1975. The ID used the same body as the basic DS, but was sold at a cheaper price point for those who still wanted the Bertoni and Lefèbvre designed body but did not want to pay 25% premium for the DS. Today’s eye-dee is the sweet looking “Break” station wagon version and looks in decent shape for the asking price. Find this 1969 Citroën ID19 Break offered for $9,950 in Pueblo, CO via facefash mehplace. Tip from aLostDawg.

From the seller:

1969 Citroen ID Wagon
Listed 6 days ago in Pueblo, CO
Seller’s Description
UPDATE I’ve have had over 30 calls on the car here and need to go over and take some more photos and add some information. I will be doing that on Tuesday hopefully and then we’ll post everything here and make appointments to view it. We will probably be taking bids at that point.
’69 Citroen ID Wagon. 4 speed manual. No rust which is very rare for these. Runs and drives but needs electric work. New wiring loom goes with the car.

See a better way to break things?