Bold And Beautiful: 1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer

The 1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer is notable for its distinct design elements that reflect the automotive trends of the era. Characterized by its prominent fins, sweeping lines, and a prominent front grille, the Coronet Lancer exemplifies the styling cues of mid-20th century American cars. It was one of Dodge’s offerings during a time when automakers were vying for attention with bold design choices. Power came from a variety of engines, including Chrysler flathead straight-6 and 270 cubic inch V8 engine, delivering around 157 horsepower, as well as the more potent D-500 option, a 315 cubic inch (5.2-liter) Hemi V8 producing 260 horsepower. The seller is self described as an “auto upholsterer” by trade, so it is a shame there aren’t more and better photos of the interior. Find this 1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer bidding for $11,000 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go located in Hatboro, PA via eBay.

From the seller:

1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer Coupe. 32,000 documented mile survivor! Powerflite automatic, 270 Red Ram poly. Power Steering, Manual brakes. Solid Colorado car! This car was purchased new in Burlington, Colorado and one owner until early 2017. I am a big fan of and seek out and prefer survivor cars over restored cars. Like a piece of antique furniture i believe in preservation vs. restoration if possible. This was my approach for this car.

Quick story of the car:

The car is one of the most solid and original Forward Look cars I have ever seen! A total time capsule that spent most of its life in a garage. It wears a majority of its worn but original and presentable Crown Yellow and Sapphire White paint. The exception is the driver’s front fender which was replaced early in its life due to a fender bender caused by a neighbor. This according to the original owner named Ruth who I was able to make contact with shortly after buying the car. I was also able to confirm and document the mileage with Ruth stating that it was only used for short trips mostly around town and then by their daughter in the early 70’s as transportation for school. It was then put away in the garage. I have this info documented in a letter from Ruth that comes with the car. The car was sold as part of her estate in early 2017 and bought by a flipper who then sold it to the gentleman I bought it from who had brought it to Portland, Oregon. When I got the car from him on Ebay in June of 2017 I had it shipped to me in Pennsylvania. I was blown away by it’s originality and being a fan of survivor cars she was perfect, The car was in running condition but it had issues due to long storage. Pulsating brakes, exhaust rotted off etc. I put it in my garage and planned on making her roadworthy again but other projects in front of her kept me busy and by the fall of 2018 I sold her to a gentleman in Minnesota. When they loaded her up for a trip out west I definitely had sellers remorse and I told the buyer to look me up if he ever wanted to sell her back. Fast forward to October 2020 when the nice gentleman in Minnesota was kind enough to sell me the car back. He had not found the time to do any work on her either, so I received her back in the exact condition I sold her in. On paper I am the second and fourth owner of the car. By June of 2021 was able to book time at JD’s Auto Restoration Center here in PA to get her mechanically sound and roadworthy condition. I made it clear to them that the car was not coming in for restoration but preservation. Therefore, they would replace worn parts but were not to paint anything in the engine compartment etc. The car was made roadworthy by November 2021 and I have an 8 page receipt totaling nearly 8k.

Engine and mechanical:

I had the carb rebuilt, new single exhaust made, new master cylinder, brakes, wheel cylinders, brake hoses and steel lines, bearings, drums resurfaced radiator removed and tested, new radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump, Full tune up, changed all fluids with the exception of trans fluid which was not needed. I had the mechanic check the timing chain which was fine. I had all bulbs replaced that needed replacing. the gas tank was cleaned by the previous owner but I had the mechanic replace the rubber fuel line. I purchased (5) brand new Coker classic bias look radials. They were mounted and balanced. Full alignment was done. I also had them check and clean the screens on the bell housing of the Powerflite. Car runs and drives great!!!! Needs a new speedo cable though. I have put about 50 miles on it since speedo cable failure.

Rockers floors and trunk:

All panels are solid and rust free save for typical orange Colorado dry climate surface rust underneath the car. Underneath still wears a coat of undercoating in most places. Inner and outer rockers are rock solid as are body mounts and all of the typical places on these cars you would find rust holes there are none! When I pulled up the front carpets i did find a one inch hole next to the gas pedal perch which I repaired as well as 4 small pinholes in the passenger pan which I also repaired. I then epoxied and POR 15 coated the front pans. Rest of floor is rock solid and still wears it’s undercoating. Trunk is rock solid and still wears it’s mat and cardboards. Frame is solid.

Body and paint:

Car wears most of its original paint and it is very shiny and presentable however it is wearing thin in places and does have blemishes and chips. Panels are straight as an arrow for the most part but there are small dings here and there to be expected with age. Inner and outer rockers are rock solid. Front fender was replaced after a small fender bender early in its life and the color is a little off. I was told by friends I should paint this and that but I never would. That would be up to the next owner but I would leave it alone. They are only original once! Chrome is in great shape. there are a few pieces of trim that have some creases and pitting but bumpers are rust free. There are some small dings. I replaced the driver’s window glass.


I am an auto upholsterer by trade. I installed a new cloth headliner the correct way by having the rear glass professionally removed. I had Steele rubber make me a new window gasket and though it fits and is water tight it does have a few ripples on the inside which I was assured will shrink over time. This seems to be a common issue with these new gaskets. Then I removed the front seat and stripped it down to the springs. I put in all new foam and made new seat covers to stock standards using the original as a pattern and using new upholstery I sourced from SMS. The heat sealed vinyl took me 8 months to receive and the repro cloth took 5 months. But I was determined to make it as close to factory as possible so it was worth the wait. The back seat was in amazing original condition so I was able to strip it, restuff it and reuse the original cover with the exception of replacing the sun damaged vinyl at the top of the rear seat. I then installed a new packing shelf and kick panels. the door panels remain original and are presentable but could use some freshening. I have not been able to source an original looking carpet as of yet so I have kept the original. Rear carpet is complete but has some staining. Front carpet was shaggy in the foot well area so I removed the shaggy sections and bound the remaining front carpet so it does not get worse. I have a set of white Forward look floor mats that cover up the missing carpet nicely.

The rest:

Car comes with a binder of info including copies of titles, the original build sheet found under the dash, the correspondence letter with original owner confirming mileage and fender repair etc. Assorted literature. It also comes with a custom canvas portrait of the car and many framed paper advertisements for the 1956 Dodge.

This is a great running and driving car and as much as I love her it feels like the right time to pass her on to another loving owner. I have described the car in great detail being as honest and transparent as possible, I have nothing to hide and am happy to answer any questions you might have. Inspections of the car by serious buyers prior to bidding welcomed and encouraged. The car is also for sale locally and seller reserves the right to end the auction early and cancel any bids. Please do not ask me what the reserve is. Sorry, but the car is for sale to US buyers only as I have had some difficulty in the past with an overseas transaction. $500 Deposit required within 24 hours. Full payment within 7 days. I prefer cash in person but will also accept a bank wire if in person is not possible. I will accept a check with the understanding that car does not leave my garage until check clears and funds are in my account.


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