Boatsozoku Style: 1990 Reliant Rialto Robin, Amphibious

Combining things into a bi-cultural fusion is all the rage these days.  You can hardly take a drunk walk through any major downtown without stumbling into an Asian-Euro fusion restaurant featuring some ill-conceived melange of Swedish meatballs and Vietnamese soup, all served on a open pit BBQ.  Why not bring this fusion concept into the automotive world, perhaps take a British 3-wheeler and turn it into a Japanese gangster styled speed-boat…like this 1990ish Reliant Rialto Amphibious Thing offered here on eBay UK currently bidding for £495 ($749), located somewhere near the Thames in the UK.

The Reliant Rialto is a 3-wheeled freak from the United Kingdom that featured a 850 cc water cooled inline-4 and the stability of a meth addict who just won the lottery.   Apparently the combination of fiberglass body and galvanized chassis has made them somewhat immune to the rust that would normally consume such a 25 year old British lightweight — and they make a great boat.

The seller of this car has left the basic Reliant powertrain intact, but added a 550 jet ski engine in the back for motive power when in the water.  No word on how the spinning bits of the automobile drivetrain are sealed for use on a lake/stream/ocean, but the seller does say it runs, drives, and floats, on or off water.

The video shows the little amphibious vehicle in a previous incarnation (with an outboard motor), but the new version should be just as awesome.

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