Blue Thursday: 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ

To the average guy walking down the street, they probably won’t take a second glance at a 20 year old Jeep Cherokee, but to a certain subset of the population, this next feature is the bee’s knees.  Personally, I’m ambivalent and would probably get a 4Runner if I needed a 4X4 SUV…but, why drive boring when you can drive turismo?  Find this 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ here on eBay bidding for $6,001 with 3 days to go, located in Woodbury, NJ.

The XJ generation Jeep Cherokee defined a new standard in compact sport
utility vehicles as it was a capable off roader that eschewed
body-on-frame roughness for a unibody chassis that gave it relatively good fuel economy and good road manners.  The Sport version was the a mid range option package that included cloth/vinyl uphostery, AM/FM stereo, air conditioning, and optional alloy wheels — but it was still available with the 4.0 liter AMC 242 inline-6 that puts 193 horsepower and 231 ft-lbs of torque into a 4-speed automatic gearbox. 

See a car with a nicer shade of blue?