Blue Plate Special: 1978 Ford Bronco

The second generation Ford Bronco was released in 1978 as an up-sized version of the previously compact off-roader.  It was still a Jeep competitor, but was now based on Ford’s F-series truck chassis with sights aimed squarely with Chevy’s Blazer and
Chrysler’s Dodge Ramcharger.  Find this 1978 Ford Bronco here on eBay bidding for $7,100 with 2 days to go, located in Los Angeles, CA.

The 1978-79 model year Broncos were the biggest of the breed (originally designed in the early 70s under the project name “Short-Horn”)– big V8s up front, standard four-wheel-drive (with an optional chain driven transfer case) mated to a Dana 44 front axle, and more mass than you’ll ever need.

Power comes from a 351 cubic inch Ford Cleveland 351M V8 — a big beast of an engine that was totally castrated by the fuel crisis and emissions regulations.  You would be right to conclude that 156 horsepower isn’t much, but 262 ft-lbs of torque will get things moving.

See a classic truck with a cooler paint job?