Bleu Wedge Salad: 1979 Triumph TR7

When it comes to cheap British roadsters, the newer the car, the more you get for your money. Classic MGs and TRs up to the early ’70s can command big bucks, but for the enthusiast on a budget a late ’70s or ’80s MGB, TR7, or TR8 will be in better condition than the same price point for an earlier car. The 7 is probably going to be the cheapest of those three, for good reasons. Find this 1979 Triumph TR7 for sale in North Fort Myers, FL for $4,000 via craigslist. Tip from Dascpcu.

Judging by the background of these craigslist ad photos, this blue Triumph might be the most visually stimulating car in all of Fort Myers! The blue is pretty fetching, and the car presents itself well. Why is such a nice classic roadster only $4k though? Because TR7. This was the first of a small group of wedge shaped, modern cars from the UK sold here, and the styling theme didn’t last long and definitely didn’t age well. As a result, the more traditionally styled Brits are worth far more.

In 2018 I’m not sure if anyone would call the TR7 a beautiful old car, but at least it’s more interesting than your average Miata or Kia Forte. The TR7 as a package is quite solid structurally compared to earlier TR2 – TR6 Triumphs, MGBs, or similar roadsters. It has McPherson struts in the front, rack & pinion steering, a solid axle out back with a 4-link + Panhard rod setup and coil springs. Essentially it’s a scaled down Volvo 240, and the dash design & interior motif even looks similar. Under the hood it’s all teapots and crumpets however; the 2.0L slant 4-cylinder is not anything to write home about. More exciting would be the Rover 3.5L V8 found in a TR8. But this one at least has been swapped to twin downdraft Weber carbs, replacing the stock finicky dual (or sometimes single) Zenith-Stromberg CD175 setup.

From the seller:

1979 Triumph TR-7. Great car and runs like a sewing machine. It has the normal nicks you would expect to find on a 39 year old car. It’s really fun. The previous owner spent more than $8,000 on parts and labor. I have owned the car for 16 years. Located in North Fort Myers.

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CFlo has a TR7 of his own now, one that Grandpa EFlo bought in the early ’90s. It’s being resuscitated so that you can see more wedge on these pages. Check out our teaser blurb and watch for the full intro post, coming soon.