Black On Black: 1987 BMW 535is E28

The E28 generation BMW 5-series market is currently somewhere between discarded junk and desirable classic, and the low mile, clean examples are starting to fetch decent money.  The E28 also offers a purity of driving experience undulled by electronic power steering, stability control, traction control or any number of electronic nannies found in modern cars. This example appears to be a nice looking E28 offered for a decent price and has bonus points for the preferred manual gearbox.   Find this 1987 BMW 535is offered for $5,800 in Chino, CA via  Tip from BP.

From the seller:

Location: Chino, California, 91710

VIN #: WBADC7405H1717072

Mileage: 220,000

Transmission: Manual

Condition: Good

Exterior: Diamant Schwarz (Metallic black)

Interior: Black leather

Seller’s Description: This is a 1987 BMW 535is (M535) with MANUAL stickshift in VERY GOOD CONDITION! I am the second owner. If you are a fan of BMW you should know that the E28 is the first year of the famous M5. This car very similar to an M5 except for an engine with less horsepower. Suspension, brakes, aerodynamics, etc. are shared with the M5. Excellent condition comes because this car has been barely used for over a decades. Body and paint are great TOTALLY ORIGINAL, has never been restored. Interiors are also the original in black leather still in very good condition. Back seat is nearly like new. Engine is still powerful, high compression and high oil pressure. No leaks at all. Something important is that this car failed the smog test so you will need patience to make it pass. I have checked for vaccum leaks, inner temperature engine, and installed a new catalytic con verter. I love this car but I do not have much spare time so I am willing to sell it. 

A few things left to be checked: a) A/C is not working. I did not fix it because has to be converted to the new coolant gas that should be done by an expert in A/C. b) ABS used to work but now is not working. Light is on all the time. c) Original radio is not there.I bought a new old stock Blaupunkt from the 90s but never installed it. You can see it on the photos. d) When accelerating (and braking) rapidly there is a barely noticeable vibration on the steering. Don’t know the explanation. They told me that it is probably aligning and balancing or even the discs – when braking- not sure e) Tires look like new and should work fine for driving around town but for long distance driving, I would recommend changing these because I have no idea when when these were installed. f) There is a crack on the dashboard. See the Image. In summary: A great vintage 5 series with minor details that can be a great daily driver (not in CA), weekend racer, etc. 

 See a better way to drive a German classic?