Big Yellow: 1974 Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon was introduced just after the end of World War II as Dodge’s alternative to Ford’s 4X4 truck for mostly military uses. However, Dodge introduced a light duty version of the Power Wagon starting in 1957 that was produced through 1980 that was technically a Town Wagon Power Wagon which may not have been as beefy as the OG Flat-Fender style Power Wagon, but it was pretty Wagony and pretty Powery. Find this 1974 Dodge Power Wagon offered for $8,500 in Burns, TN via craigslist. Tip from Tony.

From the seller:

1974 Dodge Power Wagon
condition: good
cylinders: 8 cylinders
fuel: gas
odometer: 105045
paint color: yellow
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: pickup
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New 360 cu. in. V-8 approx. 11,000 miles ago
New Transmission approx. 11,000 miles ago
Headers installed approx 11,000 miles ago
New AC Compressor/Drier/Compressor Clutch
Auxillary Cooling Fans
New Brakes (shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, hoses)
New Distributor Coil, Rotor, Cap and Fuel Pump
Power Brakes Booster Vacuum Sensor
New Master Cylinder
Power Steering Booster
New Holley Carb
Upper and Lower Ball Joints
Voltage Regulator
New Mufflers
Air Conditioner works well
Cruise Control needs a switch on the carburetor
Truck was bought from the original owner’s estate
Split rear window
Appears to have factory tinted windows
Auxillary Fuel tank holds 95 gallons
Current Mileage shows 05,045.0
Mileage thought to be 105,045 (but cannot be proven)

See a better way to drive a sweet old wagon?