Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’: 1987 Yamaha BW350

There are a lot of interesting ideas that manufacturers have come up with that didn’t pan out littering Craigslist.  Back in the 80’s, a few manufacturers thought that if big wheels worked on ATV’s and Quad’s, why not on two wheelers.  The results didn’t exactly define a new category of motorbike.  Find this 1987 Yamaha BW350 for sale in Kirkland, WA for $3,600 via craigslist.

The Yamaha BW (Big Wheel!) series was the Shizuoka bike maker’s entry into the large wheeler derby.  It was built from 1985 to 1990 in a couple different displacements.  The thinking behind the big wheelers was that the large, squishy tires would float along the terrain, giving the nervous novice an easy ride.

That theory worked to a certain extent, but on muddy, slippery surfaces, it lead to unfortunate circumstances like falling down in a straight line.

This bike looks to be in good shape for being 30 years old. It’s been maintained by a certified Yamaha Tech and comes with a ramp and hitch along with a few accessories.

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