Big Cat: 1995 Jaguar XJS V12

For a measly three grand ask, this V12 Jaguar coupe gives some serious displacement and a lot cache’ at your local country club for the dollar.  Hold off searching YouTube for open V12 exhaust clips till after reading the entire article.  The classically styled Jag coupe was a rare bird with only 59 V12’s built for 1995.  The punched out 6.0 12 cylinder engine was good for 301 horsepower and 351 lbs of torque so it will not snap your neck like a modern performance car.  Find this 1995 Jaguar XJS for sale in Wilton, CT for $3,000 via craigslist.

The seller bought the car in Maryland a few years ago as a fixer upper.  The body does not have any rust, but the paint has definitely seen better days.  The car has 121,000 miles on it and has a $7,400 receipt for a new engine from the last owner.  The car starts and runs, but there is an issue with the transmission which prevents the car from moving once the engine is warm.

The transmission in these cars is the ubiquitous GM 4L80E overdrive 4 speed that is found in tons of Chevy/GMC pick up trucks.  The seller mentions having a dispute with his mechanic which has led to the car being listed for sale.  It seems like strange (or fishy) rationale for selling as most any domestic transmission shop could perform the kind of work needed on this common box.

The exterior is a striking color called sapphire blue and interior has oatmeal leather.  The front seats could use a set of sheepskin covers or some leather repair.  These late coupes benefited from having outboard rear brakes unlike the earlier models.  

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