Best of 2013: Top Referring Sites Into DT

Before we get into our favorite (and reader’s favorite posts) of 2013, we want to share some information about how folks get to the site.  If you are a regular reader you probably just click a bookmark or have DT setup as your default browser start page, but billions of people have never heard of DT and a few of them arrive on our doorstep each day.   How do they get here and how quickly can they find the way back to a normal website?  We’ll start with the first part of the question.

5th: 8126 referrals–

Most of these referral clicks come from DT’s facebook page  and come from links we’ve posted on our page or links others have posted about our stories.  Either way, if you haven’t liked us on the facebook, then click on the above link and help us spread the word.


4th: 12826 referrals —

Next up is the Canadian google site – which is great because google uses some complex and secret algorithm to rank page results for given search terms and apparently we get a good deal of traffic from our neighbors to the north when the internet isn’t frozen solid.

3rd: 16875 referrals –

Another google site linking into DT, this time in the jolly old United Kingdom. We always welcome the google traffic because it is organic and brings new readers everyday, even if they do swear undying loyalty to a throne. 

2nd: 47802 referrals —

We really can’t say enough great things about working with Jalopnik and Gawker Media this year, and the new Kinja interface has been simple to use and great for spreading the word.  All of the editors/staff at Jalopnik (Matt, Patrick, Raphael, Travis, Jason & Michael) have been extremely nice about featuring some of our stories on their front page and it has been a great year working with them.

1st:  153689 referrals –

This was surprising and not surprising all at the same time.  While we expected google to provide the biggest share of new clicks into DT, we never expected the volume.  150k referrals is nothing to shake your nose at, especially when you consider we did not pay for a single one of those clicks. 

What is in the cards for 2014?  Who knows, but stick around and enjoy the ride…we will!