Benz-Liger: 1979 Mercedes 240D

Enthusiasm for WVO grease cars seems to have waned considerably from the peak in the early 2000s.  Today’s unique two door w123 Mercedes does have one trend that enthusiasts still can’t seem to get enough of: car in the front and truck in the back or Camino-ization.  There are not any new Camino style cars sold in the USA right now.  A cottage industry converting late model Jetta’s has sprung up to feed the void left by the retirement of the Ranchero, Camino, Brat, Baja, Rampage, and VW Caddy.  This grease burning diesel Camino’s lack of computers will make every doomsday prepper’s heart flutter.  Find this 1979 Mercedes 240D for sale in Washago, Ontario for $1,600 via kiijiji.

Details from the seller:

1979 Mercedes 240 D Standard

Made from a 4 door sedan 10 years ago
Car runs on used cooking oil the car has a two tank system a 80 litre tank for used cooking oil and a 20 litre Diesel tank to start and run until the engine is hot enough to switch to cooking oil (Not more than 15 km) Good fuel consumption Over 1100 km on used, filtered cooking oil The car runs well on Bio-diesel too. Mechanically the car is in good running condition Drove 45000 km with complete recondition engine and rebuild fuel injector pump New clutch and pressure plate
BUT needs body work…………..

To certify the car she needs two new steel floor pan and a new tail gate. If you have knowledge of body work yourself this is well worth it To have it done at a body shop it may cost a bit. 10 years ago I spend over 10’000.-on Body work and about 1500.00 to convert to drive on used cooking oil as well as normal Diesel. But it was a good investment I traveled over 180’000 km on cheap fuel less than $ 5.00 for 100 km, yes hundred km. today the cost of fuel is way over 1.30 a liter. the car has a 2.4 litre engine and the consumption is no more than 7 liter a 100 km

If you are not interested in driving with used cooking oil I will remove the conversion kid and set the engine all back original to drive just normal diesel and price for the car would be $ 900.00

Included in price is a Diesel fuel injector pump .for this 240 D ..Taken out of a good running engine

The car here could be bought extremely cheaply without the grease system.  I believe the dollars are Canadian currency as well.  If you ever wanted to sharpen or begin welding, this would be a great car to practice or start on.

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