Beluga Whale: 1995 Buick Roadmaster

This next car comes as a tip from Art C who first sent us a link to a targa-fied Roadmaster and then followed up with this comment: You can obviously tell what rabbit hole I fell down today I don’t see much if any visible rust. It’s scraggly, but at that price if it runs and drives I’d say score! Yes, indeed this is a score of a price for a Roadmaster from the last few years of production where the LT1 derived V8 was available. Buy it before gas goes back down in price. Find this 1995 Buick Roadmaster offered for $1427 in Elon, NC via craigslist.

From the seller:

1995 Buick Roadmaster
condition: excellent
cylinders: 8 cylinders
fuel: gas
odometer: 224450
paint color: white
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: wagon
Are you looking for the ultimate ride to pimp out? Always dreamed of owning a large boat but get sea sick? Trying to find a car that could double as a tiny house? Want to start a band and travel cross country with your gear? Wanting to impress all the single moms with how many car seats you can put in one vehicle? Well, have I got a deal for you!!

It with much regret that I am selling my classic 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Tragically, my teen sons are not cool enough to want to drive this car, shame!! This baby was part of the elite “final year” of production for this family road trip icon. One-family owned (My parents bought her new off the showroom floor in 1995, and I inherited it when Mama could no longer drive herself). Oh the stories she could tell—-Colorado, Yellowstone, The Badlands, Kansas (ok not much to tell there), Florida, Georgia, soooo many baseball games…too many trips to count!

Never been in an accident (other than some scuffs here and there). My mother treated her like a fourth child. Me? Well, I was a little more of a free spirit but she’s still been loved! Cranks everytime!!

1) Totally bada$$ V-8 engine. Watch your speed because you’ll hit 90 on the interstate before you know it.

2) Leg room for days!! Seriously!!!!

3) Leather seats in pretty dang great condition (see pics)

4) Non-smoking (lucky for you Mama quit smoking shortly before purchase—-Go Mama!!)

5) Third row seat—-in case you like to ride backwards and get car sick. Otherwise, massive cargo area equivalent/larger than most truck beds

6) Slick moon roof. And luggage rack. You know, in case you can’t fit all your stuff in the 1000 sq ft cargo area (slight exaggeration. Slight)

7) Amazing radio…with a cassette deck. I cannot verify if it works, because I got rid of all my 1980’s mix tapes before acquiring this beauty, but you are welcome to bring your own Rick Astley/Duran Duran/Guns ‘n Roses tape to try it out!

8) Brand spanking new battery and passed inspection without a hitch yesterday.

9) Epic original hubcaps!!!

10) In just three short years it will be a true classic and no longer require an inspection!

11) Cruise control!!

The bad: I think the Freon needs to be recharged, not sure and I don’t drive it enough to care. There is a crack in the windshield (still passed inspection). The back automatic windows don’t work; my mother nicely taped over the button so you won’t accidentally roll them down and not be able to get them back up. Some of the black exterior striping had come off over the years. Mother used to gorilla glue it back on, but I just didn’t care enough to bother with it.

Y’all, don’t miss this opportunity! You don’t see cars like this everyday!

Note: please don’t ask me about gas mileage. It’s a V8. From 1995. If you’re worried about gas mileage, go see your local Prius dealer. This baby is all about prestige and room!!

See a better way to drive white?