Bell Bottom Custom: 1979 Ford Fiesta Mk1

The Mk1 Ford Fiesta was a fiesty compact designed by Ford of Europe and built in an
assembly plant in Cologne, Germany for poor people around the world.  The
Fiesta was available on these shores a few years (1978-1980) before it
was replaced by the North American built Escort, an unfortunate turn of
events because the European Escort was actually a good crapcan. Find this 1979 Ford Fiesta Mk1 offered for $5,995 in Athens, GA via craigslist.  Tip from PB.

This Fiesta isn’t the average Mk 1 you’ll find rusting under a blue tarp out in front of grandpa’s house — this one has only 30,000 miles on an unrolled odometer.  That isn’t entirely accurate, because it was abandoned in a garage for a few decades, and has some rust and a dent where a motorcycle was propped against it, but it doesn’t look bad, all things considered.

Under the hood is a 1.6 liter Kent inline-4 mated to a 4-speed manual transaxle.  To my eyes, the carburetor fed, pushrod engine looks strange mounted sideways in the engine bay, but the front drive setup will work well in the snow and provides a low load floor in the back.

The interior features some sweet blue suede upholstery and only the most basic amenities, but you didn’t buy a Fiesta for its power features.

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