Bazinga! 1967 B&Z Electra King Electric Car

Words and tip by Rod444:  This is not my car nor am I connected to the sale, but here’s a
little yellow wonder that your significant other may not even
threaten to leave you for purchasing. Despite needing batteries I’m
pretty sure this 1967 B&Z Electra King Electric Car is priced at
least 50 grand less than your neighbor’s Tesla. That alone pays for
a lot of cappuccinos that you’ll be rolling up to buy with all the
fuel costs you’ll save. No top speed is mentioned, but by the looks
of the aerodynamic body, it’s much likely to be closer to ‘brick
wall’ then ‘supercar’ speed.

This is very rare Canary Yellow model, likely because the color kept
other drivers from colliding with what they assumed was a
construction barricade. The seller says you can park this outside
your car dealership as a beacon. It might be better in the back of
your half ton as a much easier way to crawl along the shoulder when
traffic snarls keep you stuck for hours. Just paint it like your
local parking meter police and enjoy free parking anywhere.

See another small oddball for cheap?