Barely There: 1967 Cony 360 Truck

Here is an example of a vehicle so scarce that it is likely unknown even to avid car buffs.  Not only is it one of the rarest, but it is also one of the smallest.  Is it worth keeping this tiny footnote in automotive history intact?  You decide.  Find this 1967 Cony 360 Pickup Truck for sale in Wausau, WI for $5,000 via craigslist.

According to the ad, this truck has a 2 cylinder, air cooled, 18 HP mill and a 3-speed column shifted transmission.  Located under the seat, the 360 cc mill will propel this vehicle to around 45mph.  The seller claims that it is one of 3 left in existence and there certainly isn’t much evidence around to refute this claim.

It looks like there is a little body work to be done on this Cony to get it back up to snuff.  Who knows what is under the panda paint scheme.  Mechanical condition apart from running and driving is a mystery.  Parts availability should be close to null unless it shares pieces with other models that may be more common in Japan.  Fabrication or substitution may be your only options if something fails.

On the plus side, there is literally not much there to repair and maintain.  This truck is likely not much more complex than a period motorcycle.  The windshield seems to be intact and getting the body right should be doable.  It doesn’t take up much space, either.  Have a set of double doors to your basement?  You should be able to drive it inside over the winter and work on it in climate controlled comfort.  Restore it and you can rightfully claim to be a curator of the very last of a species. 

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