Barely Broken In: 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6

If you were looking for a 1980’s euro car that will not cost you an arm and leg (E30, 911, 190E 16V), the Alfa Romeo GTV6 is a solid choice.  In the age of Dodge Demons, it sounds strange to say a 160 hp car is more than enough to have a good time.  Michael Jordan of Automobile Magazine once said, “if you can’t go fast with 90 hp, 900 won’t help you”.  The Alfa Busso V6 has a reputation for having the most glorious note this side of a Ferrari.  The 116 Alfa Romeo has a very unique double wishbone suspension with a De Dion tube in the rear.  Today’s GTV6 only shows 31,000 miles on the odometer so it should be free of the typical woes of crunchy synchros and rusty sheet metal.  Find this 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 for sale in Newburgh, NY for $5,800 via craigslist.

Details from the seller:

I purchased this GTV6 from the original owner who had not used the car for over 15 years. 
Replaced fuel lines, filters, belts including the Timing belt and fuel tank.. New exhaust system and tires. 

Car now drives as a Alfa should. Power windows and power mirrors work. 5 speed transmission shifts smoothly. AC not working. Clean Car Fax and New York State Title.
31,000 miles

The aspect of the car that Alfa did not knock out of the park was the interior and to compound things to the material quality was not great either.  It looks like the leather on the seats could use some attention here.  The earlier 116 4 cyl Alfa coupes had a cooler dash design than the later cars and this GTV6 where the tach was housed in it’s own binnacle directly in the sight of the driver.  The seller notes the AC is not working which is all the more reason to drive with the windows down to hear the exhaust.

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