Backup Camera Needed: 1960 Trail-A-Sled

It’s beginning to look a lot like…AAAAGGGG, my arm just got chopped off. Why would you start the engine while I was doing maintenance back there. Is that stocking cap cutting off circulation to your brain? Why would you have an open propeller in the back of a snow sled. Please Santa. If you can magically get presents to 2 billion kids on Christmas night, you should be able to use some of that magic to get my arm re-attached to my body. Do they still put real coke in Coca-Cola? I’m getting woozy looking at all this blood…how am I going to explain this to Mrs Elf? And forget about getting this thing to pass the new European pedestrian safety regulations — Santa, you’ll never deliver presents to Germany in this thing. Find this 1960 Trail-A-Sled bidding for $7,600 reserve-not-met in Mankato, MN via ebay.

A video from the seller:

See a better way to chop up some things with an open air wood chipper?