Back to the Future II: 1976 BMW 633CSi E24

We spent most of Oct 21st, 2015 enjoying recreations of the vehicles from the Back to the Future trilogy, but apparently one of the actual movie cars was on its way to auction.  Find this 1976 BMW 633CSi, Griff Tannen’s car from Back to the Future II here on, heading to an online auction on Oct 24th with pre-bidding around $11k.

This car was used by Biff Tannen’s grandson, Griff  and his gang of hooligans who try and force Marty McFly Jr into helping them with a bank heist — anyway see the movie if you want those details, but buy this car if you like obscure movie cars.

The 6-series only makes a brief appearance in the film, but apparently the film producers picked up the grey market beast with inline-6 and manual gearbox, and then bolted all the crap props on it to appear futuristic.  I’m really not sure I want to be involved in a future that seems to have come from the Pep Boys pimp-my-ride aisle, but somebody is going to buy this and be a happy BTTF fan.

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