B is for Brown: 1977 Datsun B210

The story seen quite often here on DT is one where a malaise era econo-box that has managed to escape the depreciation curve generates a big interest from the readership, until we scroll down to the interior pictures and find a slushbox.  Then the inevitable comment about the auto killing interest.  Our next example survivor is a fine brown example with a shift-it-yourself transmission.  Are you ready to put your money where your keyboard is?  Find this 1977 Datsun B210 for sale in Olympia, WA for $4,000 via craigslist.

The B210 in the States was “powered” by a 1.4 liter four making around 70hp.  In the non-California version, you could run regular leaded gas as it didn’t run a cat.  No idea if this example is a 49 State version or CA version, but it’s only had it’s odo clock in 118K miles.  Said to be a one owner car that has always been garaged or carported, things look dusty but not grimy.

Inside once you look past the sea of beige vinyl, you can feast your eyes on the shifter that moves both vertically and horizontally.  Also, there is a third pedal besides the brake.  The ad says it has never been smoked in.

Those are some serious bumpers on the back.  I’m guessing the rub strip was applied by the dealer, given that it doesn’t protect the fender and doesn’t mesh with the sweep of the character line along the side.   Kudos to the owner for retaining the hubcaps and skinny whitewalls. 

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.