Autocross This One Off The List: 1979 Volkswagen Scirocco

Why are we so obsessed with fast street cars?  Fast cars like a new Z06/Z07 Vette are fantastic on paper, but are entirely too fast for the average street and too expensive to take out on a track…so what should a gearhead do?  Easy — get into autocross, but do it with something interesting/older/slower like this 1979 Volkswagen Scirocco offered for $6,000 in Reading, PA via craigslist.

 From the seller:

Hi everyone, I have my 1979 VW Scirocco up for sale.

A little history on the car: about 10 years ago my father and I were looking to get into some motorsports and were looking for some sort of VW (as I was heavily into vw at the time). We scoured the internet and came across this scirocco for sale in some southern state. Everything checked out and we drove out and picked it up. The car there was used for autocross and won quite a number of events. We got it back to PA changed the fluids, put a set of Diamond racing wheels with slicks and that was pretty much it. We began taking it to NEPA SCCA Autocross events, and I was able to continue to win events with it. We continued to race for a couple of years, but I began my own life with a house and kids and my father with his own racing ventures so we slowly faded out of racing it. Since then it’s been kept in his shop, being started and ran every now and then to keep the motor up. It is now at my house sitting in the garage . I start it every up about every week to get the fluids moving.

The car runs and drives fantastic. With the suspension and Poly bushings everywhere it is a rock solid handling and ride. The exhaust is quite loud and the cam lopes like a monster. The car is in fairly good condition considering it being a 40 year old car. The wiring is a little messy, but it functioned so we never bothered to touch any of it. There are some surface rust areas but no rot. Floors appear to be quite clean from underneath. The previous owner did some rust prevention on areas such as the strut towers and trunk area. The roll cage looks like it was built in someones garage, but it passes tech. and definitely stiffens the car up. All of the gauges and lights work properly. 


1979 MK1 VW Scirocco


1.8l Gti motor, bored .040, Topline Pistons, Balanced, Head shaved .020, Port Matched, Moroso Catch Can, Custom Header and Intake manifold, Webcam, Adjustable Cam Gear, Valve Springs, Lightened Flywheel, Straight Pipe from downpipe out the back


Koni Yellows, Ground Control Coilovers, Poly Strut Bearings, Delrin offset control arm bushings, Poly rear swing arm bushings, upper and lower braces


4K VW Trans, (Very Close Ratio, Lower Final), Quaife Differential


Gutted except for dash, door panels, front carpet and seats, battery relocated to trunk, 6 point roll cage, mk2 seats.

As of right now the car is not inspected or registered for the road as it was always used for offroad Autocross events and was trailered everywhere. But I am sure if you really wanted to you could slap a muffler on to quiet up the exhaust and easily pass through to get it inspected. We never bothered to transfer the title over into our names, but it has been signed off and notarized by the previous owner.

I have the wheels and tires that came with the car which are 4×100 bmw wheels with some soft tires (not sure of brand) that I will let go with the car. 

The asking price for the Scirocco is $6000 obo. With all of the extra performance parts and the fact that there arent many good condition Mk1 Sciroccos out there, I feel it is a fair price. 

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me and email or text.

I also have a set of “rare” 80’s Intra Slot 13″ Wheels (Made in West Germany) with brand new Sumitomo tires that I had on one of my rabbits way back when. I have honestly never seen another set in person before, I found another set in Europe about 8 years but that was the only other set I have been able to find. -$500

We were intending to do a AEB 1.8t swap in the car so I have 2 motors, one that had been machined I believe .020 over with upgraded rods and pistons (JE i believe), the head is rebuilt with all Ferrea products. (This motor still needs to be assembled. And I have a completely stock still assembled just pulled out of a passat aeb 1.8t with the coils, turbo, ecu. You could have both motors and all parts $2000.

vw scirocco golf rabbit euro wheels volkswagen volkswagon mk1

See a better way to drive fast without putting anybody in harm’s way?