Auction Watch: 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 TPI Swap

Check out this 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 TPI Swap here on eBay bidding for $4,011 with auction ending Thursday at 6:45AM PST.

 From eBay listing:

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Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

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CD Player, Sunroof

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Private Seller

Greetings Folks!

Ok, lets start this off
by asking a question. How many of you have seen Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom? Remember the scene where the high priest slowly pressed
his hand into the victims chest and ripped out his heart…. Well, this
is pretty close to that.  Selling my baby is about the last thing on
earth I’d like to do but the wife blew up her car so guess who
sacrifices. I have put MONTHS of labor and THOUSANDS of dollars into

That being said…. DEEP BREATH..

bought this car about 18 months ago. When I bought it the previous
owner had started the conversion process but had stopped due to lack of
funds. I have a very good mechanic hat I’ve been using for years so I
took the car to him and let him at it. The result is what you see. The
conversion was completed CORRECTLY and this is one of the fastest cars
I’ve ever owned.

Now for the nitty gritty *Note* I am NOT a mechanic so I am relaying as best I can:

Did I mention that this car is F A S T!!

is an L98 Conversion with TPI and the computer is installed and
functioning perfectly. The interface is mounted invisibly below the dash
under the steering wheel.

She has a FRESHLY
REBUILT 5 speed with a NEW clutch and pressure plate as well as a new
throw out bearing. The lines need to be bled a bit as, when driving
normally, everything is fine but if you are putting the peddle to the
floor and rocking and rolling, it will grind gears a bit.

She has 3″ exhaust from manifold all the way back and she ROARS.

AC is still installed but disconnected.. I am an old man and was going
to reinstall it but never got around to it. Should take 0 money though.
Hook it up, blow it out, and charge it.

The Firestone tires are at 70% … Amazing as you can literally SIT STILL at a stoplight!

has a brand new high volume electric fuel pump. The mechanic has her
tuned “a bit rich” based on my driving habits. When you drop the hammer,
you’ll understand I assure you.

She will run 120 down the freeway without breaking a sweat (I’ve been told… Id never do this of course. *Evil grin*)

Just incase I forgot, Did I mention that this car is FREAKING FAST?!?

The interior is in very good shape for its age. You can see by the pics that the previous owner took very good care of it.

I JUST bought the smoked glass T-Tops for the car 4 weeks ago (To the tune of $600.00) and they add a TON of beauty value.

paint is good with a few minor issues. One of my dogs jumped on the
hood and lightly scratched it. You cant even feel the scratches so I’m
fairly certain a buff should take them off. There are minor fiberglass
cracks where we all usually see them on the soft surfaced (front bumper,
back bumper)

The red you can see on the fender
wells is actually the undercoating under the paint. I was going to
repaint her next but she’s so amazing now I haven’t seen the need.

I just replaced the shocks on the rear hatch and it opens by itself now.

The stereo that is installed works fine but Id personally put a sub in.. Pink Floyd sounds better with tons of base!

Did I mention that she’s INSANELY FAST!?!?!

gages are working normally… The mechanic that completed the
conversion got everything working perfectly. The tech, the speedo, and
all of the gages! The only thing that doesn’t work is the little clock
on the armrest. Its set to 6 so its right 2 times a day 🙂 I was
actually going to look into this but haven’t had the time.

dash (which on 3rd gens is notorious for splitting) has two small
splits on the corners but aside from that…well… You can see from the

The title is clean and clear and in hand.  I will assist with shipping if needed but Id drive this car anywhere.

I LOVE my car… I do NOT want to sell her. Please, promise you’ll take
care of her as she will take care of you and don’t try to nit pick my
car apart. If your that kind of person, look elsewhere. I have way to
much blood, sweat, and tears involved to deal with that.

She is for sale locally too so I reserve the right to end this auction is she sells.

will do my best to answer all questions but I am not a mechanic so
please be patient. What I can tell you is that she has NEVER let me
down, she has ALWAYS started, and she draws looks and attention
everywhere I go.

Oh, and did I mention she was FREAKING BLAZING FAST?!?!

will expect a 500 deposit vis Paypal within 24 hours of auctions close
and the remainder within 3 days. The only thing worse than selling her
will be looking at her after shes sold.

In response to the sellers question below (and many thnks to him for
helping me out with this) … I contacted my mechanic has told me that
this is an L98 block (350) with a TPI system. Once again folks, I am
relaying as I am not a mechanic. Frankly none of this matters to me, if I
get in and it pins me to the seat and starts every time.. I’m a happy

***Update*** In response to several
very helpful folks, it appears that the transmission is infact a Borg
Warner 5 speed and the engine is an L98… I’m sorry for the confusion
and Ive made the adjustments to the listing. Once again, I’m not a
mechanic. Thanks to all of the helpful folks out there!