Auction Watch: 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SkyBird

Find this 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Sky Bird here on eBay bidding for $2,225 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Dearborn Heights, MI.

 From eBay:

 These cars are nearly impossible to find anymore especially one in this good of condition with full history..window sticker owners manuals everything is original and unmolested..  I was on the way into work one morn I take the same path everyday..didn’t see this car sitting out in front of the barn in the am, later that eve on the way home I seen the car sitting out in front of the barn with a for sale sign in the window..I had to see this trans am or what I thought to be..turns out its a rare sky bird ..This vehicle was a special edition Firebird. It has a 350cid automatic V8 engine. It has had only two owners. It is in original condition and has been kept in a barn. It has always been covered until the mid 90s where it was uncovered and and set.. It has power steering, power windows, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, 8 track player and console. It has the custom appearance package consisting of custom blue velour seats, cast aluminum honey comb wheels, two tone paint and special blue formula steering wheel. There is an additional set of original stock wheels that come with the car..The original first owner ordered them shortly after the car was purchased, just in case. It has the original manual and keys. The trunk is immaculate with original spare and air to fill it, which have never been used.  although not perfect by a long shot its a very solid driving feeling car..the owner had told me he had new tires new shocks new complete dual exhaust system new brakes all new fluids,fuel pump tank emptied and cleaned fresh gas, says he had to do this as the car had been sitting for many yrs uncovered in a barn..  This car was an honest show winning trans am with trophy’s although he would not let me have them should I buy the car..  well after driving the car for an hour around town checking everything out I decided to buy it..  we hashed out what he thought was a fair price and away I went..I do love this car but unfortunately it needs work I can not complete..  it goes as follows.  The rear quarter panels are needing repair/replacement, the car should be painted, as the original Lombard blue is just not what it used to be, .The cars headliner is sagging in areas, The arm rest has a cpl cracks in the lid, .its missing the ac unit it was froze up from sitting the owner opted out of fixing it and pulled just the ac pump,.The carpet in the car is old and faded might clean up but I recommend a new carpet, very bottom of windshield has a small crack not visible to the driver..  Get in and drive it while you restore it.these cars are getting impossible to find these days especially one in this good of condition..  PLEASE IF YOU DONT HAVE THE FUNDS TO BUY THIS CAR DONT WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY,, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE FUNDS AVAIL TO COMPLETE THIS TRANSACTION..!  THE CAR DOES COME WITH THE ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER AND BILL OF SALE AS WELL AS THE BUILD SHEET AND ALL OWNERS MANUALS..  TRUNK PANS FLOOR BOARDS AND ROCKERS ALL ARE IN GOOD SHAPE AS WELL AS THE SAIL PANELS AND REAR WINDOW AREAS..   HAS THE ORIGINAL RARE 78 LOMBARD BLUE FACTORY PAINT ,  RUNS AND DRIVES FINE. COME AND DRIVE IT TAKE A LOOK AT IT !!!  THE FRONT AND REAR SEATS IN THE CAR ARE THE ORIGINAL I GIVE THEM A SOLID 6  NO RIPS.  DASH HAS NO CRACKS ANYWHERE AND STILL LOOKS FANTASTIC.  DOES HAVE THE ORIGINAL STEREO 8 TRACK THAT SOUNDS DECENT AT BEST..  POWER WINDOWS HEAT AND ALL ELECTRONICS/ELECTRICAL WORK PERFECT.  THE HORN WORKS GREAT ON THE STEERING WHEEL.  HAS THE ORIGINAL PONTIAC SNOW FLAKE WHEELS WITH NEW FACTORY SPEC TIRES  HAS A SMALL BLOCK CHEVY 350 HAS AUTOMATIC TRANS THAT SHIFTS SMOOTH THROUGH ALL GEARS.  ALL SIGNALS LIGHTS, RUNNING LIGHTS, AND HEADLAMPS WORK FINE. EVEN THE REVERSE BACKUP LIGHTS WORK.  HAS NICE DUAL FLOW EXHAUST THAT SOUNDS MEAN.  OTHER THAN THE EXHAUST SYSTEM ON THIS SKY BIRD, THE CAR IS ENTIRELY BONE STOCK RIGHT DOWN TO THE AIR CLEANER.  IT RUNS GREAT NO SHIMMY’S SHAKES LET GO OF THE WHEEL ITS LASER STRAIGHT DOWN THE ROAD.BRAKES STOP STRAIGHT.HAS NO PROBLEM WITH ACCELERATION. ITS AN ALL AROUND GOOD COLLECTABLE CAR..  A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT IS DUE WITHIN 24HRS VIA PAYPAL..  Any questions or special pics needed please feel free to text only 313 826-9497  Now for the necessary Ebay stuff. If you have good feedback and are a good bidder please disregard the rest of this ad. If you have less than a 10 positive feedback score please email me BEFORE you bid. If you do not I will delete your bid. I WILL NOT negotiate after your winning bid is placed. Once you win the auction you will be expected to contact me within 24 hours to arrange pickup. This 1978  trans am is sold as-is where is and no warranty is expressed or implied. This car is sold in Michigan and the winning bidder is expected to arrange transportation on your own. Should you decide I will help in shipping with your transporter.  EBAY COST A CRAP LOAD OF CASH THESE DAYS, ITS NOT A GAME LISTING FEES, INSERTION FEES, PICTURE FEES AND FINAL VALUE FEES. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR FUNDS IN ORDER PRIOR TO YOUR WINNING BID.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK I CAN TAKE CERTAIN PICS IF REQUESTED,  I PROMISE TO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, SO PLEASE DON’T WASTE MINE,  IF YOU BID ON THIS CAR AND DON’T CONTACT ME WITHIN THE ALLOTTED TIME FRAME (24 hrs) I WILL ASSUME YOU ARE PLAYING GAMES AND WILL RE LIST THE CAR.  I have a set of keys and a clean clear signed NO ISSUE green Michigan title. You get a clean clear signed title and keys upon final payment   As with any used car its highly advised for you to come see it take it for a test ride,have it inspected to form your own opinion.  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL REQUEST OR NEED A PARTICULAR PICTURE OF A CERTAIN AREA ON THE CAR..   YOUR WINNING BID DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS TRANS AM !!!!!.  I want this transaction to be as smooth as possible. As an added value I will assist with any shipping arrangements. Regardless, you are responsible for all delivery costs and arrangements for picking up the Automobile. If the Automobile is not picked up by you or your designated delivery service agent or driver, the Seller will charge a fee of thirty dollars ($30) a day after two (2) weeks of the auction closing for everyday the Automobile is not picked up!! Bank wire is the preferred & safest method of payment within 3 days of auctions ending  FOOT NOTES AND EXCERPTS TAKEN FROM THE GOOD OLE INNERWEB ARE BELLOW, A GOOD READ NO DOUBT..   1977-1980 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Special Editions: Birds of a Different Color.  1970’s era Firebirds often evoke images of big V8’s and tire smoking. Pontiac recognized that for every V8 powered Trans-Am that it sold, four or five V6 powered cars would leave dealerships, often to women. Women had become 30% of the Firebird market by 1977 and as much as 40% of the specialty Firebird market. Potential Firebird buyers regardless of sex may have appreciated the gruff image of the Trans-Am, but practical measures made it necessary to offer more low-key (and insurable) models.  While these grand touring “Color birds” were being released, Pontiac did not forget the Trans-Am buyer as it released special color editions of the Trans-Am like the 1978 Gold Edition and the Black and Gold Editions in 1980-1981 of the Turbo Trans-Am. The notion of color coding wheels to a car was not new for Pontiac, who had been doing it as early as 1973 with early Firebirds, Grand Ams and  GTO’s .To that end, Pontiac figured out that it could make the bread and butter Esprit models more appealing (and profitable) by  simply adding color coordinated flair and a few choice decals that might appeal to the fairer sex (or less macho men). Starting around 1977 Pontiac would start offering “Color birds”. These designer Firebird Esprits with a themed color and options had their own versions of delicate looking bird graphics with plenty of curves and flowing scripts. The first was the 1977 Sky Bird, called Sky instead of Blue due to a Georgia company owning the rights to the name. Sky Bird was a wonderful excuse to make a pretty bird logo just for this car. Finished with a light blue exterior and interior; it marked a juncture where automakers got serious about marketing to women. 1978 was a great sales year for the Firebird and Pontiac could not resist releasing more special editions, sometimes overlapping in availability. 1978-79 would be the years of the Red Bird, while in 1980-81 saw the release of the Yellow Bird.These cars were always Esprits, usually with 3.8 or 4.1L V6/I6 engines. Some may have been ordered with one of the smaller optional V8s (265/302 cu). With just over 100 hp the 1977 Sky Bird was not the fastest car around when saddled with the smaller V6. Most Esprit buyers were more interested in looks and comfort than raw performance anyway. The light weight of the Esprit with performance was usually sought after in the form of the Formula. Being pretty was the “Color bird” car’s reason for being. Pontiac would color code nearly everything from the tail light lenses and wheels down to the door handles. The famous machined instrument panel from the Trans-Am was even color coded, often to match the exteriors of the Color bird edition cars.Total sales numbers for the Color bird cars are hard to come by. Pontiac records were sketchy and the cars seemed to be released on a haphazard schedule that responded to previous quarter sales numbers. The “ColorCar” craze seemed to die out with the release of the next-gen Firebird in 1982, but similar special editions would be released with much less frequency. If you just so happen to own a blue, red or yellow 1977-1981 Firebird and want to add your car among the flock of Color birds or stand out at the next Firebird show, a GM approved decal kit is available from The company sells kits for each of the color series for just over $100 giving base or Esprit the look of one of these beautiful and rare birds.