Auction Watch: 1966 Sunbeam Alpine Series V

Check out this 1966 Sunbeam Alpine Series V here on eBay bidding for $4,544 reserve-not-met with auction ending on April 15th at 11:30AM PST.



From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Seller Notes:The
car is in excellent condition; no major mechanical, electrical, or
structural problems. Remaining issues are aesthetic: fuel gauge needs
trouble shooting, tachometer needs grounding circuit modified for
negative-ground circuit, speedometer needs recalibration (reads too
fast), and a cracked bakelite steering column shroud/cover. See video
and pics linked in description!

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):

Number of Cylinders:
Other Makes



Body Type:
Series V

Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
1.7L 4-Cylinder

Vehicle Title:
Drive Type:


Fuel Type:
Exterior Color:

For Sale By:
Private Seller
Interior Color:

Overview video:

Full Pictures Set:

do not have the car’s history from new, I bought it in 2014 from a
dealership and the previous owner claimed to have owned it 25 years,
documentation shows his ownership back to the late 1990’s.  I have
pictures of the bodywork being done, but no pics of the engine or
transmission fixes, just receipts.  I have receipts from myself and the
major maintenance episodes of the previous owner.  It was a California
car during that time, all the receipts coming from the Bay Area. 

 Major Maintenance with documentation:

1996 – Clutch replaced

1997 – Engine top-end tore down; tune-up

2000 – Engine rebuild

2002 – Top-end torn down again

2004 – Ignition re-done

2009 – Major work done on interior and exterior (repaint), gauges, etc.  New chrome also. 

2010 – More interior and gauge work; carpets etc.

 – For most of the time listed above, it looks to have had ~76,100 miles and it was rarely driven.  I’ve driven it quite a bit since 2014.

 2014 – I purchased the car at 77,640 miles and I’ve put 1,850 miles on it in 18 months – I really like driving It when weather permits. 

– Alternator was not properly secured at time of purchase and I just
didn’t catch it…  It broke its mount and at the time I was disgusted
with the electrics, so I took it to my shop and had a lot of it redone. 
All the major ignition and alternator wiring..  I also had an original
tach installed (wired, but not changed over to negative earth) and had
some other wiring wrapped, routed, made safe, etc. 

2015 – All new rubber, including the full-size spare.

2016 (March) – New coil, electronic ignition along with the regular tune-up and oil change in prep for sale

car is a little cold-blooded and can take about 5-10 seconds to start
with choke, but when started regularly or after it’s warm it starts up
quickly and runs great. 

Basically, I’ve just been moving around a
lot and I lack a permanent place to store it and drive it regularly. 
It’s not a forced sale and the car is in great shape.  The top is in
excellent condition, but I’ll be honest it is a pain to close and it’s
not truly weather-tight.  I do not advocate driving the car in the rain
and it looks stupid with the top up anyway!  The white stripe on the
bottom is vinyl and removable. 

High Points:

  • Rust free; structure is excellent

  • Original carburetor replaced by Weber

  • Full restoration ~2005; new paint, engine
    rebuild, etc.  Also new interior

  • New tires Fall 2015

  • Main electrics (alternator, lights, dash)
    inspected, routed, repaired in 2015

  • Good documentation; includes manuals (and parts
    are pretty cheap!)

Things I’ve done
since I got the car:

  • Obtained an original Jaeger tachometer correct
    for the car

  • Replaced all four tires in August 2015

  • After experiencing some alternator troubles, I
    put $2k into electrical including all alternator/charge circuit wiring, had all
    the electrical vitals diagnosed, correctly wired and routed, and wrapped for
    safety.  The alternator and bracket is
    also new.  The gauge cluster is still
    British wiring, but everything truly important has been wired by professionals
    at a dealer specializing in high-end vintage cars ( see invoice in
    attached docs.

  • Replaced brake master cylinder and main brake
    line Winter 2015

  • Full tune-up; new points, condenser, cables, oil
    change in March 2016

Things that still
need work:

  • The tachometer is wired and correct for the car,
    but it is internally wired for a positive earth (original British) wiring.  These guys ( can fix
    that and calibrate it for $200-$300.

  • The speedo reads higher than it should, and it
    is not related to the tire size, which are standard size for the car.  Because of this mileage is accumulated faster
    than is accurate.  The speedo needs

  • The fuel gauge system needs to be
    troubleshot.  The electrics are sound, so
    I suspect the issue is buried.  Fuel
    delivery is fine, the car runs excellently, you just need to keep track of
    fuel.  Be sure to fill with premium!

  • The bake-lite steering column shroud is
    cracked.  This is not unheard of in the
    Alpine, and this part is hard to find. 
    The most probable solution is to get a piece of tubular ABS and have it
    turned on a lathe.  Might be a cheap fix.

Parts included with

  • Water pump

  • Radiator hoses

  • Car cover

  • Owner manual, workshop manual

Sold As-is. Thanks for looking.