Attention To Detail: 1974 Porsche 914

A few years ago we featured the reader ride of a guy named KC who built this incredible Toyota Twin-Cam powered MGB GT and it was glorious.  Apparently KC built another car with an above average attention to detail — this time a Porsche 914 with an underside that is cleaner than a newborn in a fresh pair of Pampers.  Find this 1974 Porsche 914 here on eBay bidding for $11,300 with 6 days to go, located in Mosier, OR.  Seller submission from KC.

This 914 starts out with a nice and bright yellow paint job, but wait till you see the little details because not all bright yellow paint jobs are the same.  According to the seller this thing is “retro-mod”: 

Whats a Retro Mod?

This sunflower yellow ’74 model has been modified to have the appearance an early (’69-70) European delivery spec VW/ Porsche type 47.

So whats different?

While retaining the improvements of the later versions this car has the following appearance modifications to match the very first versions offered to the European market.

Body color bumpers, sail panels and trim.

European lighting, the US spec front side markers have been deleted as well as the bumper guards.

OEM Hella Euro front and rear lenses and Hella H4 (flat lens) headlamps with white plastic surrounds.

Front park lamps feature aluminum reflectors and LED white lights.

VW- Porsche rear badging without Porsche script on the engine vent grille.

Early 1970 OEM steel wheels with VW crest caps.

Wolfsberg crest steering wheel horn pad.

Early OEM steel porthole rear valance.

Chrome interior door lever bezels and window cranks.

Subtle differences for sure but a departure from the ubiquitous chrome bumper appearance group alloy wheeled 914s.

US spec badging, bright sail panel trim black headlight surrounds and Porsche crest horn pad are included with the car.

Also two Targa roof panels one standard textured black and one body color.

The car was given a complete and detailed make-over and you can see more photos in this flickr album here.  No bolt/nut/wiring harness was left alone as this thing was given a complete restoration.

 More from the seller on new stuff:

Windshield Dash pad Brake calipers German carpet set numerous rubber seals Seat upholstery Axle and wheel bearings

Sway bar bushes and end sockets CV joints, pedal assembly re bush and so on.

This car sat for 15 years in dry storage before the restoration and no rust repairs were needed or performed, an amazing starting point.

All panels stripped to bare metal painted with PPG epoxy primer and urethane single stage top coat to the original sunflower yellow. Very straight with perfect door gaps.

The car has not been used since completion save for road testing and one car club meet, (less than 100 miles)

It should go without saying that the car runs and drives as good as it looks.Original owners manual, radio, Hershman ant. jack and tire tools.

And the engine:

Fresh 1.8 engine is equipped with Dellorto 36mm carburetors.

Full stainless heater boxes with Tri-mil header and muffler. ( an aluminum heat shield has been fitted)

Weltmeister short shifter.

Solid state voltage regulator.

Compact AGM battery relocated in engine bay (see pics) original battery tray deleted.

Urethane suspension bushings throughout.

Manual throttle similar to the 914-6 set up (lever in front of the gear shift)

Cross drilled brake rotors.

Seat belt ignition inter lock system has been deleted from the wiring harness.

Stainless brake flex lines.

Stainless fuel hard lines in the tunnel.

J_West adjustable rear trunk hinges and hydro lift cylinders replace the original torsion spring system

Extensive use of premium rubber sound dampening material eliminating the need for the heavy and ugly fire wall pad. (super quiet)

See a better example of retro-mod?