Art Bike: 1981 Puch Magnum LTD Mk2

If you watch any of those home flipper shows on HGTV, when the work of flip is done, the last major element is the staging for the sale.  In looking at that other car site that has become nothing but auctions, the better the staging as far as the photograph locations, the better the price.  Avoiding locations where the object for sale is lost in the picture is rule #1.    See if you can find this 1981 Puch Magnum LTD Mk2 for sale in Foothill Ranch, CA for $2,200 via craigslist.

Tip from Rock On!

Built by Puch in Austria, the Magnum was a top tank moped that was powered by a 50 cc aircooled two-stroke engine with oil injection (no need to pre-mix).  It put out about 2HP through it’s two speed automatic transmission and a light rider under ideal conditions could peg the speedo and hit a top speed of 30mph.

The MKII LTD was a limited edition made for North America.  It was limited to 500 copies and had such extras as an optional tachometer (which this one didn’t get), a fairing, custom decals and paint scheme.  Some say that the real run was 1,000 copies with 500 sold on each coast of the U.S.  Never the less, this one is #152 in the series.  I wonder if there is a doppelganger of it out there somewhere.

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