Appliance Racing Grey: 1993 Acura Legend

 The 2nd generation Acura Legend was released in 1991 and likely ignored by the clueless US based auto manufacturers (I can’t imagine any of the bean counter driven big 3 would have looked twice at this car and seen a threat).  However, there were likely a few German horseless carriage builders who did a collective freak out (and you should see German engineers freak out…it ain’t pretty) when they discovered the fit-finish-and-finesse of the Acura Legend.  Find this 1993 Acura Legend offered for $3,350 in Forest Grove, OR via GroveAutoCenter. Tip from Kendall.

The Legend was the top of the line for Acura and featured a
longitudinally mounted V6 that put about 200 horsepower to the front wheels.  The Legend shared
development of its platform with the bizarre Rover 800 and Sterling 825, but in the US market it proved that Japanese cars could offer a combination of affordability, luxury, comfort, and reliability that was hard to beat.

See another…zzzz…oooops…what happened…oh slushbox Acura…zzzzz?