Apocalypse Ready: 2008 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

Suzuki introduced their Kei truck in 1961, but the appropriately named “Carry” got better through the years, and today’s example comes from the tenth generation released in 1999.  The Carry still used a cabover style setup also known as FMR (front mid-engine rear-wheel drive) and conformed to the Japanese kei truck rules.  Find this 2008 Suzuki Carry Mini Truck offered for $22,500 in Palmer, AK via craigslist.  Tip from Zach.

This Carry is not the average stock Kei truck that you will find around North America, sometimes semi-legal for on-road use and other times obviously off-road only due to DOT and EPA laws. This one is setup for off-road, but your average country club law tool hauling duties — this one has a 4-inch lift and a wicked Camoplast Tatou UTV TS4 track system.

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