Apocalypse Meow: 1989 Toyota Picnic Camper Van

If you read, listen, or watch the news, you might be concerned that the world is going to end soon. Or at least that civilization might end soon…but don’t start chewing that cyanide pill just yet, but you might consider becoming a prepper. Or buying a sweet prepper vehicle and just driving it around like everything is okay. Or you could just go camping once a year until you realize that hotels are nice and camping is for the birds. Do whatever you want, it is a free country…for now. Find this 1989 Toyota Picnic Camper Van offered for $25,000 in Houston, TX via Seattle craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1989 Toyota Picnic
cylinders: 4 cylinders
fuel: diesel
odometer: 68850
paint color: yellow
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: van
For sale is my super rare Left Hand Drive 5 speed manual 1989 Toyota Picnic diesel camper van.
This van is based off of the Toyota Hiace H70, but with full size tent, stove, sink, and fridge. This van is incredibly rare because it is not only a left hand drive diesel van, and a 5 speed manual, but a camper van as well. This Picnic has 68,850 original miles on the 2L 4 cylinder diesel engine. This van was only made for a short time in one country. It was a partnership signed off with a camper company. Think a Toyota and Winnebago collaboration. It is legal and registered in Texas.

The van is in amazing shape for a car of this time period. It has been repainted yellow. All the lights work as intended.
Doors open on all sides, including the rear hatch so entrance to the van is easy.

The interior is damn near mint. The dash is good, the gauges work. The seats are perfect and comfy for long rides. It also has AC that works. It just needs freon.
The drivers cab is nice and spacious with a big window to see everything in front of you. The radio works. There are two small speakers located in the rear as well.

The rest of the cabin is in equally good shape. The floors aren’t rotting, and the kitchen is all there in its original 80s glory.
I was told everything works, but I have not cared to try and use it.
The interior living quarters are extremely spacious and have lights on the side that turn on to illuminate the cabin.
The seating arrangement is adjustable with a bench style seat that converts to a bed.
The side windows are big and have curtains that act as black out shades. It even has a curtain to cover the massive back hatch door window. I believe the bottom portion could fit 2 average size adults comfortably. 2 kids and a medium to big dog.

This van has a pop up tent. It is also in good shape. It is easy to open and close (faster than a hardshell RTT). It is also easy to climb into. I believe this would sleep 2 adults, but maybe not as comfortable as the bottom portion.

Crazy low mile 4 cylinder 2L Diesel. Toyota reliability that starts right up. Plenty powerful. It is torquey and surprisingly fast off the line. It is NOT meant for speed. It can go 70mph. It is very happy at 60-65.
The engine is incredibly fuel efficient and has a decent tank that is cheap to fill. I changed the oil less than 100 km ago.

This van is a 5 speed manual on the tree. It is so fun to drive. Very intuitive. I changed the transmission oil along with the engine and it shifts beautifully.

Driving Experience:
It is bouncy but in a good way. Think old Cadillac. The suspension absorbs rough streets and make the ride plush. The seats are comfy, and visibility is amazing. You can see out of the rear window if you move the curtains out of the way. It maneuvers well for a van. It is nimble and although it looks tall, does not drive top heavy. You will be very popular on the street. It puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

This van is rare. I know for a fact you will never see another left hand drive example in the states. Even the JDM examples arent quite like this with the configurations. For those people that love camping, adventure, van life, and exploration, but want something a little different from the standard Ford transit or sprinter van: Here it is.
Are you trying to be the next Insta adventure account? Here’s your car.

I’m not in a rush to sell this van.
I don’t want to trade for anything.
$25,000 or best offer.

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