Always Raced and Rallied: 2005 Subaru WRX STI Rally Car

Performance rallying: “Real cars on real roads going real fast.  That’s what proponents of stage rallying use to describe their niche of a niche sport to the average American.  I’d add “not watched by real people in the U.S.” to it.  Something about driving for hours to remote areas to watch cars is a hard sell onm this side of The Pond.  But maybe instead of standing by the side of a dirt road in the sticks, you could have the best seat in the house.  Find this 2005 Subaru WRX STI Rally Car for sale in Vancouver, BC, Canada for $23,555 CAD (about $19,000 USD’s at time of writing) via craigslist.

Out of the box, a stock STI in 2005 made 300hp.  This example has had some tuning done to it such as a new ECU that has been set up to be happy on 94+ octane.  Canadians seem to be able to get the good stuff up north, as compared to the weak sauce we get in the States.

Inside you will find a full cage, Sparco seats and a FIA rated quick release steering wheel.  Not able to be seen in this angle, is the co-driver footrest that keeps them from extruding the factory floorpan.  Co-drivers must have well developed leg muscles from bracing themselves while they read the notes, along with glutes from frequent clenching.

The seller has a long list of stuff you get that may mean something to someone interested in rallying:

Airboy tuned ecu 94+ octane. Mix 50/50 or good 94. I mix it. 

rally rocket center diff controller and 

Diff brake

4 pot 2 pot with new porter r4 pads front and rear. 

R180 rear end

Dms50mm fresh rebuild. 

Aluminum skid plate, and puck board protected.

Rebuilt turbo last year. 

K&N typhoon in a sealed cold air intake. 

Dual light pod. 

AEM fuel pressure regulator 

Pat’s hydraulic hand brake

Lightened rear doors and trunk. 

Full wrap

New cv axels, control arms, tie rods and ends. 

Launch control

Removable hub steering wheel. ( actual fia rated not the cheap ones) 

Helmet net

Pin stands

Slotted front rotors 

Aluminum rad and thin fans

Oil catch can with air oil separator

Stage 3 clutch and pressure plate replaced last season. 

Cusco rear diff

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He spectated at his first stage rally in 1982 and has been hooked on the sport ever since.