Almost Survived: 1971 Ford Maverick Custom

I’m really conflicted about this car.  It is a survivor, but its been grounded to the ground with airbags and rides on pimped out rims.  Its got stock inline-6 with a big aluminum radiator and looks really nice in the pictures.  It is missing a huge chunk of originality, but with performance of a base model economy car from 1971.  What do you do with it? Find this 1971 Ford Maverick Custom here on eBay for $9,100 reserve-not-met with less than 1 day to go, located in Merrillville, IN.

The Ford Maverick was a replacement for the outgoing Ford Falcon and
used parts bin Ford (mostly Mustang) parts to offer a basic driving
experience.  While the world (and the Mustang) changed a lot from 1970
to 1977, the Maverick was offered in the same basic package — a front
engine rear-drive 2+2 with a budget price tag.

This Maverick is equipped with the most basic of engines available in 1971 — the T-code inline-6.  It produces 115 horsepower from its 200 cubic inch displacement and is fed via a single carburetor.  To add insult to injury, the engine is mated to a C4 automatic transmission and a 2.79:1 rear axle.  Plan your trips well in advance. 

The interior is in nice shape — bench seats look good, and if only this thing was riding on its stock suspension, you could sorta get behind it.  As is, it looks like it has teeth, but when you open its mouth, bubbles fly out. 

See another car that needs to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up?