Air Bags & 18s: 1975 Mercedes-Benz 280C

The Mercedes-Benz W114 showcased another stunning example of the classic 3-box styling envisioned by renowned designer Paul Bracq. While the majority of W114s encountered are the standard 4-door sedan variant, there are also a handful that sport the more sporty 2-door coupe spec. Today’s W114 is sitting on a set of gigantic wheels that are held up from the body with an air ride suspension. It isn’t bad looking, but it is a bit gaudy. Find this 1975 Mercedes-Benz 280C offered for $7,500 in Surprise, AZ via hemmings. Tip from ME.

From the seller:

1975 Mercedes 280c/8.This fun little cruiser is currently equipped with air ride suspension,18 inch AMG style wheels,Sunroof,Power windows,RGB instrument lighting,Bluetooth AM/FM radio,Custom Led Headlights,LED fog lights,European exhaust manifold,Upgraded ignition system and much more.The entire car has been shaved,the minimal rust found was cut out,treated and repaired stronger than new.After extensive inspection,cleaning and maintenance,the undercarriage was finished with rust protection.The drivetrain also has received extensive maintence,although the engine head has not been removed and gasket replaced or valves adjusted.This is a solid, strong running,great sounding vehicle that is registered and fully insured with a clean title.The car is far from perfect,it needs all the bits and bobs(as old cars do),and the paint looks like ol Steve Wonder tied too many on and grabbed the paint gun.But the gauges work,it runs around 38 lbs at idle,even on the hottest AZ days in rush hour traffic, temp never goes over 190.It shifts smoothly,and has more than enough pep to deal with modren traffic.I have two of almost everything for this car,including a 138k motor and trans that I can include.The right rear brake caliper has begun to stick recently,I reccomend replacing it before driving very far.They are inexpensive and easy to find,I’m just old and can’t be bothered.Thanks for your time and God bless.