Affordable Dream Car: 2000 Dodge Viper RT/10

The Dodge Viper is one of the cars that dominated automotive poster scene in the 1990s. It took a prominent space in video games and wall decorations, along with the Acura NSX, Porsche 911, Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 355 and even the Toyota Mk IV Supra. The rest of those speed machines are cars have appreciated into the stratosphere by well heeled and nostalgia-intoxicated) rich Gen Xers — particularly a breed located in the silicon valley area. These are the children of the 90s fed by the relentless machines of free market capitalism. The combination of insane signing bonuses and limitless stock options have driven some ridiculous price appreciation in home prices for certain zip codes and the same madness in certain automobiles (see list above). Somehow the brutish Viper has not fell victim to this relentless price escalation, perhaps its fume burping V10 is a bridge too far for their particular approach to freelance environmentalism. Jason; Dude, I just bought a Tesla, but I’ll have to demolish this patch of wetlands so I have a place to park it — and I’ll drop in a new AC unit while I’m paving the entire yard. David: Sweet, we should smoke cigars while we watch the new Al Gore movie tonight on my plasma screen. Yeah. Davids and Jasons of the world might find the lack of proper air conditioning an impediment to wearing Lacoste pullovers throughout the temperate Coastal California summer. Never mind that their Sperry deck shoes will be ill equipped to fit in the cramped and hot pedal box, or be delicate enough to feather the throttle when the traction control free V10 unleashes 450 horsepower into the superwide rear slicks. The Viper will kill you quicker than you can say “word”, so that means it is still affordable for the few who have the “wicked skills” to tame one. Find this 2000 Dodge Viper offered for $30,000 CAD ($22,869 USD) via faceprayingmantis marketspace located in Calgary, AB. Tip from Erik202

The seller only included one picture, so we put this Gen 2 buyers guide from the youtube for you to enjoy.

From the seller:

2000 Dodge Viper
Listed 5 weeks ago in Calgary, AB
About This Vehicle
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Black
Seller’s description
Rebuilt status. 18000klm. Cars runs and drives like a dream! Just testing the waters , looking into a Ford GT! Inbox for details. Price is firm. Don’t waste your time.

See a better way to drive something venomous?