Adult Assembly Required: 1972 Honda Z50 K3

‘Tis the season when parents buy their kid their first bicycle and spend the night before sweating to assemble it.  Since you are here at Daily Turismo, forget about the bicycle, you need the kid’s first wheels to be something powered by petrol.  We’ve got you covered.  Find this disassembled 1972 Honda Z50 K3 for sale in Seattle, WA for $600 via craigslist, just in time for Christmas.

I'm all here, trust me.

The Z50 was introduced by Honda Motor Company in 1966 as the Z50M.  The Z50 was affectionately known as “the Monkey” as adults looked like a monkey when they rode it.   Most of us remember its successor, the Z50A-K0 and subsequent K1 (M before A, except after…?), the hard tail mini that sported a late 60’s Kandy Kolor scheme and a 50cc four.  Honda introduced the Z50A-K2 soft tail with a rear suspension in 1972 after frame cracking became an issue.  With the K2, the cool 60’s candy colors were replaced by 70’s solid colors and funky graphics.  This bike is a K2 and I can see a set of rear shocks in the pile.

If I am a motorcycle, how come I have three wheels?

To me, this Monkey looks like it’s missing lot of its bananas.  The ad doesn’t say how much is there or missing (“mostly complete”), depending on your outlook, but it does claim that this is one of the first 200 soft tails.  According to them, that is the value. I’m not sure even Edd China working for zero quid an hour can add any value here.

Grab bag, anyone?

You do get lots of unidentified parts in sandwich bags (but no new parts according to the ad).  Just so you have an idea of what you will end up with on December 25th, here’s a contemporary Honda factory photo Z50A-K2.  Better crack on…

Someday I will look like this again.

Photo: Cycle Chaos / Honda

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Gianni is Daily Turismo’s Pacific Northwest Correspondent.  He remembers one Christmas Eve past spent assembling a banana seat bicycle in the garage and swearing like a wounded pirate.