A World of Dirt – 1961 International C-110 4×4

Though its named for the world, it doesn’t get more domestic than this 4×4 utility beast from the West. Previously serving the American people via employment in some unknown government agency, this C-110 could now serve you specifically.  Find this 1961 International C-110 4×4 Pickup for sale in the wonderfully named Pahrump, NV for $2,500 via craigslist.

Look at the wonderful side 3/4 view against the mountains and some prefabricated housing. What a perfect setting for a weather-beaten independent stepside four-by-four. Just imagine how much better it would look with 5 fresh vintage tires, including one on the mount next to the fender scallop. In other news, that’s the biggest truck-to-towball size disparity I think I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps I’m being obtuse but most old pushrod sixes from my memory had the manifolds on the driver’s side, but maybe that’s just telling of my automotive leanings and lack of experience with the IH BG series motor. It’s not evident from this picture, but the old girl actually has dual circuit brakes! That’s something I look for in 1960’s trucks after my dad nearly killed us sailing through an intersection and twenty year later I nearly ran over a gaggle of my classmates in college, both in the same ’64 Ford.

The duct tape seat tells you all you need to know, really. The top of the 4 speed trans (T-98A I’m guessing?) is peeking its whiney head out from the gaping hole in the floor, which is oddly not covered in tape. It looks like lots of panels and instrumentation are missing but let’s be honest; the things that will go wrong here won’t be foretold by gauges. 

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Matt is currently ‘that neighbor’ with a yard full of early Broncos, Toyotas, Lexi, Holdens, and Falcons in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.