A What What What? 1984 Grumman Olson Kubvan

Do you ever stumble upon a craigslist advertisement and think perhaps alzheimer’s has finally set in?  How did I ever manage to survive on this rock for so many revolutions around the glowing orb of hot plasma and I’ve never heard of a Grumman Olson Kubvan.  Now I know.  I’ve seen it all.  Done.  Find this 1984 Grumman Olson Kubvan offered for $3,000 in Hartford, CT via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

 I will admit that there are plenty of oddball one-off cars for industrial use that I’ve probably never seen/heard/written about, but the Kubvan was built in decent numbers (500 according to a fan website) and uses a Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel powertrain. They were mostly built for Canadian postal service fleet use, but there was an electric version built for USPS needs. There is even a Kubvans forum!

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