A What Now? Oldsmobile Aerotech Quad 4 Go Kart

This next feature comes from tipper Dave in Tampa who writes that he is quite curous, but sadly out of town and not able to scoop this thing up. I looked and assumed it was a boat or hovercraft from the single photo in the listing. However, if you don’t remember the 80s, then you can start some duckduckgo searching and find out some interesting stuff. Such as, Oldsmobile built a high-speed streamlined test prototype called the Aerotech Quad 4 that could go 276 mph with a turbocharged version of the Quad-4, but that’s not what we have here today. We’ve got a one-of-70 examples of a go-kart that was built by Bird Manufacturing for Oldsmobile dealers and fitted with a 3 horsepower Briggs and Stratton two-stroke. Find this 1980ish Oldsmobile Aerotech Quad 4 Go Kart offered for $150 in Palm Harbor, FL via warpface placebookshow.

A few photos from an old Mecum listing to give you an idea of what this thing looks like from the side.

Quad four go kart
Listed a day ago in Palm Harbor, FL
Used – Fair
Please make an offer if you’re interested in this. I posted it earlier this morning and got 50 messages in the first half hour so I reposted it at a higher price to cut down on the messages. It is rare and like I said, my friend traveled 1500 miles to get it. But it has been in my yard under a tarp for a couple of years and there is some weather damage And although I think all the parts are there, it may be missing a tire or a steering wheel. Don’t know. It is not drivable but it has most of its parts. My friend drove all the way to Chicago from Tampa to pick this up because they’re pretty rare. It’s no longer in the shape it once was but an enthusiast could probably restore.. Hopefully, this new revised price doesn’t cut out the messages altogether, only makes them more manageable. Please make an offer

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