A What Now? 1979 Buick Skyhawk

GM’s Vega (1971-1980) was such a smashing success in the world of domestic crap boxes that GM’s product planners took notice and said with a slurrr….hold..mah…beer. Four years later GM introduced a line of miserable penalty boxes that were slightly less compact and called the Chevy Monza, Pontiac Sunbird, Oldsmobile Starfire, and Buick Skyhawk. Today’s Skyhawk is listed by the seller as “a European Spec”…and other than needed a new keyboard from spitting coffee on it…I’m not sure what that means. I can’t imagine a SINGLE European buying a Buick Skyhawk back in 1979, but who knows, it could have happened. But the part that REALLY got my laughing was when the seller says “currently having difficult in going above 40 mph”…. Find this 1979 Buick Skyhawk offered for $2,500 in Pomona, CA via spacebash markmarkX.

From the seller:

1979 Buick skyhawk 2DR
Listed 10 weeks ago in Pomona, CA
About This Vehicle
Driven 21,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: Blue
Fuel type: Gasoline
2 owners
Seller’s Description
The vehicle is a European spec, as the service records for the pervious owner I have the old oil change record book. Vehicle does run but currently having difficulty in going above 40 mph. Issue might be the carburetor. Needs rebuild or new carburetor. Paint a bit faded. Has some rust underneath, door has a small rust hole. Engine has some rust spots. Colant over flow tank is cracked. Interior, speedometer gauge and fule gauge is off. clock is out . Interior roof is pealing. Change rear coil and shocks. Changed exhaust pipes catalytic converters and mufflers. If you like more photos just request will try to send by the end of the day. If you want to have vehicle to be on hold for you to purchase it. I will only hold for 1 week before back on market.
Only take cash in person.

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