A Selection of Classics from the SF Bay Area Craigslist by Kaibeezy

DT’s logo guru Kaibeezy has always claimed that the SF Bay area craigslist is by far the best place to search for an inexpensive classic car (your Daily Turismo) and at first the assertion seemed silly.  Unfortunately, my local craigslist (Los Angeles), despite its favorable weather, is filled with a disproportionately large percentage of cars that represent dashed dreams and shattered realities of the central Los Angeles life. For some reason the same blight that infects the LA craigslist does not infect the SF Bay Area craigslist in the same percentage, and inexpensive decent condition classics just fall off trees.  Check out these examples with descriptions by Kaibeezy.

 1965 Buick Special Deluxe Station Wagon, 3-on-on-the-tree – best color, super nice condition $12,750.

1962 Simca 1000,”bring trailer” $1000

1983 Mercedes-Benz 300CD, looks brand new $14,999.

1987 BMW M6, 150k miles – looks carefully maintained $18,000.

1970 Lotus Europa project, worth a look – i have no idea how to evaluate $9800.

1986 BMW E30 325 scruffy, couple of issues – DT classic though – cheap $1600.

1978 Chrysler LeBaron wagon, shiny turd color inside and out – 86k miles $3800.

Which would you pick from these, or is your local craigslist better?