A Cry For Help: 1970 Jensen Interceptor II

The first step of any self help program is to admit that you have a problem.  It can be smoking, drinking, drugs, or collecting Jensens, but when you look into your garage and see that all of your time/money is being dumped into this addiction, you need to find help.  When you have collected your 4th Jensen Interceptor and are storing the top to who-knows-what on a Porsche 911…it might be time for a garage sale.  Find this 1970 Jensen Interceptor II offered for $14,600 reserve-not-met here on eBay with 4 days to go, located in Encino, CA.

The Interceptor’s curvaceous body was designed and fabricated by Carrozzeria
Touring, a famous Italian coach builder known for building beautiful
pre-war Alfas and BMWs.  However, where the Interceptor makes its presence known is when you fire up the American V8 under the hood.

The Interceptor was powered by a Chrysler 383 cubic inch V8 that pushed 335 SAE gross horsepower (270 net) into the rear end via a Torqueflite 3-speed slushbox.  This particular car spent most of its life (claimed one owner until last month) in Southern California and is completely rust free and original (apart from one respray in the original Havana Brown color).

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