A Basket of Arkansas Fords From RyanM

DT regular tipper/commenter/contributor and RX-8 fanatic RyanM sent in a collection of sweet Fords found on his local Arkansas craigslist — the best of the bunch was a Ford Travel Wagon but the listing was deleted (shucks!).  However, the rest of the set was so good that I couldn’t just feature one of them…so here they are along with RyanM’s comments:

1986 XR4TI Top of market, all cossie’d out (check the rear windows aft of the B pillar vs the one in the next link…) $15k

1985 XR4TI Average market for a project/driver, stock, leaky autotragical trans $1.5k

1988 Scorpio in rough shape, not sure why I even listed it.  (DT Vince: Because it is SWEEEEEET).

1986 SVO Mustang $9k modified, looks like someone shot the inner fenderwells with ’00 buck.

1994 Tracer turbo wagon – broken / locked up engine, $800.  Been trying to sell for
a while, would probably take $500 and a 6’er of 4Loko.

1983 EXP Escort.  1.6 “high output”.  Sure thing.

DT E-i-C Vince: Wait!!  I think I found the Ford Falcon Van — or another one.  Here it is, a 1966 Ford Falcon Travel Wagon offered for $3,500.  Not a bad price for a car equal in cool to the uber-expensive VW Van and easily up-gradable. 

Thanks for the links and words Ryan — keep ’em coming!  tips@dailyturismo.com