9k: This Is How We Do It: 1982 Toyota Starlet, 4AGE-powered

Update 9/16/14: The seller (Andres) sent us a note saying he found the write up and has dropped the price to $7,500, plus more pictures here.

Original post 9/7/14:  Every once in awhile, someone builds a car with such meticulous craftsmanship that you lose an afternoon in its build thread. Sometimes those cars are listed for sale. Sometimes they’re posted by someone who knows how to operate a camera. And in even rarer circumstances, the listing includes the type of information necessary to inspire purchasing action. Nearly everything in this listing has been done the way it should be, and it’s extremely refreshing. Find this 1982 Toyota Starlet with 4AGE power in Miami, FL for $8,990 via craigslist.

Gram Lite wheels. TWM individual throttle bodies. Toyo R888 tires. Those, along with the best from Eibach, MOMO, MSD, and Recaro, make an intriguing case even if they were stuffed in a cardboard box. In a rear-drive tin box motivated by an AE86-sourced 16-valve 4AGE, it’s downright seductive.

This Starlet uses the AE86 5-speed manual, a custom shortened drivetrain, and an aftermarket limited-slip differential. Together with 15×7.5-inch wheels, aluminum four-link suspension, adjustable dampers and coilovers, and bracing, this thing could thread highway lines. Advanced Haltech tuning allows for E85 fuel and lots of power from the little four-pot, and it probably sounds heavenly through those aluminum intake runners.

The images say “macro lens,” and the build quality says “you can actually trust this guy.” The only downsides are preferential: A digital dash that hampers the retro vibe, an asking price near $10k, and its location in far-off Miami, a city that’s closer (as the crow flies) to other countries than it is to most U.S. states. Those are nitpicks in a car that moves as beautifully and assuredly as it looks.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.