99 Cent Menu: 1967 Volvo 1800

What can you get for a dollar these days?  Taco Bell still has a decent dollar menu — the Beefy Fritos burrito is one of my favorites.  What else?  Packs of bendy straws are available at dollar stores around the country.  Hotwheels and Matchbox cars are priced around one dollar as well — but what if I told you that you could get an actual car for a dollar?  Find this 1967 Volvo 1800 here on eBay with starting bid of $1.00 located in Joplin, MO with less than one day to go.

I hope this $1.00 special will appease all the folks who complained about the asking from of that crusty Amazon from last week…but the difference between a dollar menu car and something that costs as much as a year of community college could be big. 

First up is the fact that this car has no engine or transmission — and the seller says something about cutting out the differential — you might have to borrow a forklift to get this onto your trailer.  No tittle, no VIN plate…no problem?  It’s a dollar.  What do you want?

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