7-Speeds & 10 Cylinders: 2006 BMW M5 E60

The E60 generation M5 introduced the world to BMW’s first (and only) production V10 powerplant, inspired by the V10 engine used in the BMW Sauber Formula 1 car.  The production engine shared nothing in common with the racing machine, (other than cylinder count) but that didn’t stop BMW from selling it as a racing inspired beast complete with quick shifting electro-hydraulic gearbox.  Find this 2006 BMW M5 offered for $13,800 located in Hebron, OH via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

The E60 generation is one of the sweetest sounding M5s you can find; the
latest generation (F10) has gone to a twin turbocharged V8 with a much
muted exhaust soundtrack.  The 5.0 liter S85 V10 puts out 500 horsepower and 380
ft-lbs of torque in a melodious crescendo up to its 8250 rpm redline. This particular E60 M5 is equipped with the 7-speed SMGIII transmission, which fires off quick shifts to hit 60mph in about 4.5 seconds.

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