7 of 50: Alma: 1988 Isuzu Impulse, Handling By Lotus

The first generation Isuzu Impulse was one of the last of the classic Japanese rear-drive sports compacts and it featured a 5-spd manual transmission, turbocharged engines and a handling package designed by Lotus.  Of course, this was when the iconic Lotus Engineering company was whoring out its name on everything short of a Twinkie box, but at least Isuzu was trying to market to “enthusiasts.”  Find this 1988 Isuzu Impulse for sale in Shreveport, LA for the bargain price of $1700 via craigslist.

Isuzu didn’t sell many of the Lotus handling package equipped Impulse/Piazza platform and as such finding one in good condition today is a bit of a challenge.  At least this one runs/drives and you’ll be able to get it home on its own power, but expect some time/money on cosmetic restoration before you start winning trophies at your local JDM meet and greet.

Can you resist the Impulse? Don’t Lotus talk you out of it.

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