6k: Lucy in the Sky with Differential: 1997 Neon ACR ITA racer

At the intersection of the track and track lines, of PSA and TA, is where you’ll find this SCCA-prepped Neon ACR. Being built to Improved Touring spec means relatively few alterations between street and track (the engine is mostly untouched), keeping this within parameters of sanity for daily driving while sending a message to all the impressionable youth out there. We D.A.R.E. you to find a more appealing turn-key street-legal racer. Find this 1997 Dodge Neon ACR for sale in Tampa Bay, FL for $6,000 via craigslist.

Individual Touring mandates certain safety requirements such as a roll cage and five-point harness, and permits new suspension, wheels, tires, and exhaust. Here, you get a crack-free factory dash without radio or airbags. The slightly forgiving Corbeau seats won’t ease the impact to your spine from the 600lb/700lb front/rear Eibach springs. Although that padding on the roll bars should have a slightly lower chance of re-enacting Humpty Dumpty with your skull.

The engine is Dodge’s 2.0-liter DOHC four-pot unit from the first-generation Neon, originally rated at 150 horsepower. With stainless-steel exhaust and aftermarket engine management, a few extra ponies are at your disposal for lighting up the front tires of the 2,300-pound car. But good luck attempting to spin the brand new racing slicks currently mounted.

Put bluntly, the Dodge Neon is the ideal slow car to drive fast. It’s an instant autocross joy, especially in ACR guise. If you’re jonesing for a start to your racing career in 2015, buy used. This one comes with all the racing paraphernalia, including log book, transponder, cool suit compatibility, and a ton of extra tires and drivetrain parts. So you wanna try it out? Come on, kid. Everyone’s doing it.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.