68mph Polaris Power: 2006 Golf Cart

You know what the real problem is with the sport of golf?  Aside from putting, because getting that little dimpled ball in the vicinity of the hole is fun, actually getting it into a hole the size of a super big gulp lid is seriously frustrating. So, aside from putting — and defense...it would be such a good game if the other guy could have a small hockey goalie shaped putter for defense…aside from putting and defense — the stock golf carts are way too slow.  Ever try to run an electric golf cart through a sand trap — instantly stuck.  And forget about evading the police, a fat mall cop on a Segway will give you a run in a stock electric cart — but not today, because some genius has just  fixed golf. Find this 2006 Golf Cart with 500cc Polaris power offered for $5,000 (or a llama) located in Miami, FL via craigslist.

This thing might have started life as a simple putt-putt electric golf cart, but it is now powered by a 500cc engine from a Polaris ATV (probably a Sportsman Quad) good for something in the 25 horsepower range.

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